Welcome to Tiara Group
Your Luxurious Business Partners in KSA
Welcome to Tiara Group
Your Luxurious Business Partners in KSA

Royal Lifestyle & Hospitality Management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our wide-ranging, in-depth expertise, alongside our global prestigious supplier network, enables us to deliver exceptional outcomes for a diversified clientele while upholding our royal standards.

Tiara Group

Tiara Group is a dynamic, luxurious premier lifestyle and hospitality management company with exceptional high-tech driven services, and opulent items that reflect our royal moniker and standards that are intrinsically excellence-driven, and delivered on a never-before-seen scale to you expeditiously.

Hotels, Palaces & Resorts

Take the hospitality and luxury to unprecedented heights by exceeding the expectations

Our Services

Acquisition & Management: Hotels, Palaces, and Resorts

We offer management and take-over of a diverse portfolio of luxury business management services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Business Development: Building Hotels, Palaces, and Resorts

We are committed to building the most elegant properties to provide unique lodging, housing, travel, and entertainment experiences

Hotel Supplies FF&E OS&E

If your objective is to purchase luxurious FF&E and OS&E in a professional and timely manner, then Tiara Group will enable you to achieve this objective rapidly

Palace Furnishings & Supplies

We take pride in utilizing the most outstanding furniture production processes, supplies while upholding a continuous dedication to providing unparalleled and lavish product quality.

Food & Beverages

We are acclaimed for our brilliant chefs, exemplary service, and our expertise in providing the finest food for hundreds of spectacular and luxurious occasions.


We offer exceptional construction, meticulous landscaping, upscale interior design, and sedulous maintenance specialized services to a diverse clientele.

Web Development

From website design to development, we will assist you in creating a website that will generate leads & business.

Mobile App Development

Mobile application development for business, entertainment, self-help, information and any other purpose you may require.

Additional Services

Whether you are a commercial or public sector business seeking low-current profiles or if you would like to outsource your IT to us, Tiara Group has the expertise designed to equip you in accomplishing the most exceptional IT solution outputs.

Branding, Digital Marketing

We offer unsurpassed competence in the branding and developing of profiles of a vast array of local and global entities. We also specialize in the management and maintenance of an unbounded number of digital platforms, including social media content.

Hotel Management Saudi Arabian opulence combined with exquisite international standards.

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Luxurious Hotel and Property Management with Excellence.

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